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5 Creative Ideas for Team Building

Forming good connections with your project team and getting to know them as individuals is all part and parcel of good project management. By understanding the people you are working with and helping them to bond with each other, you can build a stronger, more effective project team.

Many project managers will have some call to include team building in their schedules from time to time. Some lucky ones might even have budget allocated to these types of activities. Whether you’ve got pennies to spend or nothing at all, effective teambuilding can be achieved in simple, fun ways. Here are some ideas to help.

1. Training activities: Training might not seem like a teambuilding exercise, but it really can be. The shared experience of being on training for the day can help people get to know each other better and build connections that are hard to foster in the office environment. However, training can be expensive, and you’ll want to get something worthwhile out of it aside of teambuilding, so pick your course with care.

2. Bushcraft / survival courses: Teambuilding in the more clich├ęd sense has often involved forcing workers to get involved in something they detest doing. Murder mystery weekends, assault courses and other self-improvement activities have all been on the agenda in the past, but today, thanks to the popularity of people like Ray Mears and Bear Grylls, it’s the bushcraft and survival courses that are seeing the greatest attendance. Just make sure everyone is up for it before you go making a booking.

3. Problem solving challenges: If your budget doesn’t stretch to an extracurricular activity, what about an office based challenge to boost team bonds? How high can you make a tower from envelopes and sticky tape, or can you build a bridge to support the hole punch using just straws and blu tack? Get people to work in teams or pairs and reward the winning team(s) with a small prize at the end.

4. Quizzes and puzzles: You can inexpensively download all manner of puzzles and quizzes from the internet, but to add a bit of spice, why not make it about your own business or workplace? Asking things like “which of our team used to play the tuba in a marching band” or “how many websites did we work on in 2010″ will get people thinking, talking to each other and learning.

5. Drinks and dinner: By far the easiest way to enjoy a bit of teambuilding is to simply go to the pub for a couple after work. Celebrate a milestone being met or a bid being accepted with a swift one in your local, or splash out on a more extravagant meal out to mark the end of a project. By all means socialise with your team, but maintain some dignity and control your alcohol intake if you want your respect to be intact come Monday morning!

Teambuilding is a necessary component of good project management, so don’t overlook it. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune, or take up valuable project time, but scheduling in a bit of downtime at key points throughout the project will help to keep a project team motivated and comfortable in the group. Such project management soft skills are essential for project success.

Benefits of an Efficient Phone Call Answering Service

Various businesses and industries can benefit from the opportunities provided by an efficient live telephone answering service. Intensive call flow serves as the primary prerequisite of introducing a call center at the dental and medical offices as their patients need assistance and advice 24/7, especially in emergencies during non-working hours. It is a great responsibility for the operators to help the callers feel secure and safe; therefore, they are trained in using the personal health data and appropriate medical protocol.

A business answering service is also indispensable at law offices beyond working hours. A customer is free to set critical criteria of an emergency call which implies screening the callers and forwarding their calls directly to the designated cell phone.

A trustworthy virtual office is a must for any kind of mobile service businesses like taxi or property management. They cannot operate efficiently without a continuous telephone connection if they are interested in the enhancement of quality and cost-effectiveness. The central hub operators are available for the callers within twenty-four hours being able to dispatch the crews and cars to the required locations.

Not only large businesses can seize the opportunities presented by a business answering service. A small company without a full-time reception person can benefit from having a freelance call center agent who greets the customers and forwards the calls to a person in charge. This approach adds to the impression produced on the customers and improves the customer service quality.

A live 24/7 answering center can even enhance the efficiency of your basic voicemail system. The option known as “press X number to contact the operator” is aimed at soothing a frustrated customer and providing the required information immediately. Such a lifeline is of prime importance for those businesses which use voice recognition programs and have a lot of options in the telephone tree.

Every reliable customer service is equipped with the latest software and uses technologies which can ensure the security of the clients’ personal details and privileged information. A business call center cannot operate without an access to the entire customer’s data but protection of the customer’s interests is a priority.

Irrespective of whether a business is a well-established or a developing one, a top notch 24/7 live telephone answering service with experienced and polite operators can draw more clients who will soon become returning ones and contribute greatly to its success and prosperity.

Choosing the Most Cost Effective Labels for Your Business

Not sure how to choose the right label to fit your needs?

Follow our comprehensive label guide to learn which labels will be most cost-effective for your business.

Direct Thermal

If you’re engaged in the short-term labeling of products that won’t be exposed to harsh elements or UV ray, you should choose direct thermal. These are perfect for products and shipments that won’t encounter high temperatures, and for businesses that require superior print quality on the finished label.

Thermal Transfer

Okay, but what if your products will be exposed to heath, sunlight, and harsh environmental elements? Not to worry! We’ve got you! Thermal transfer can withstand the most extreme temperatures, as well as a variety of different chemicals and pollutants. If you’re shipping products or storing foods that will be kept outside, or kept in chemically-enhanced environments, choosing thermal transfer will ensure that the ink doesn’t fade and the markings on the label remain clear. If your labels will be used for shipping purposes, warehouse storage units, distribution, or automobile products, thermal transfer are the way to go.


If you need to label anything that is vinyl, plastic, suede, leather, or velvet, steer clear of laser labels. While the adhesive in these labels makes them a bad choice for name tags, don’t worry. Once again, we’ve got you. Laser labels are perfectly suited to lots of other applications, including most other types of fabric. Choose this product if you’re working with paper products like envelopes and file folders, metals, shipping containers, and containers and bags made from polypropylene.

Pre-printed Labels

Pre-printed are a great choice if you are applicating items that are uniform in size and shape, and if many of your products require the same label every time a shipment is made. For example, you may need to include a “Fragile” label each time you ship products that could potentially break, or a label that indicates the contents of the package and the package itself are recyclable.

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