A Career in League of Legends Coaching

League of Legends Coaching

A career in League of Legends coaching is an excellent option for experienced players looking to improve their game. The job description is detailed below, along with the costs and benefits of this career choice. However, it is important to note that you must be patient enough to see the benefits of this career. If you want to become a coach, you should be prepared to put in some work, but you should not expect any instant results.

Job description

If you’re interested in becoming a coach, you’ve come to the right place. As a League of Legends coach, you’ll be responsible for developing the next generation of professional esports players. As a challenger coach, you’ll play in qualifying games to help determine a player’s initial rank. This role requires you to be a high-level player, at least Diamond-level, in order to effectively coach others.

As a game coach, you’ll be in charge of overseeing player activity, analyzing games, identifying flaws, and strategizing for the team. You’ll also be tasked with standing on stage with your team during games, assisting them with bans, picks, and other strategy issues. While you’ll be working on developing a team’s strategy, you’ll need to be familiar with the game’s meta and the current counterpicks. Having the ability to digest information from multiple sources is also essential.


If you’re looking for coaching for League of Legends, you’ve come to the right place. Coaches range from $10 an hour to $170 per hour, depending on qualifications and experience. Prices vary, but you can save more money if you purchase multiple lessons at once. In addition to paying the coach on an hourly basis, you can also purchase multiple lessons from the same coach and receive a discount.

Most of the best League of Legends players make around $1 million a year, but most don’t. Even at the height of their career, Isles was making $500 a month. Not enough to live off of, he looked for another way to make a living. That’s when he started looking for coaching opportunities. This led him to League Coaching. As his popularity grew, he raised his prices.


Whether you want to become a top pro or just improve your game, there are many advantages to hiring a League of Legends coach. A league of legends coach can help you get ahead by teaching you how to think like a pro. This is an important skill, as new patch mechanics and strategies are constantly changing. Peter Dun, for example, focuses on dialog and team dynamics during one-on-one sessions with players.

Coaching also helps you manage the team effectively. You need to set expectations, develop a training schedule, and deal with any discipline issues that arise. You need to give constructive feedback and set realistic goals. You should also keep up with changes in the game’s environment, such as new strategies and meta-games. It is essential for a coach to keep up with the latest trends in the game, so he can help his students improve.


As a League of Legends coach, I know the importance of teaching the game to your players. However, I believe that proper teaching requires the right combination of information and hands-on experience. As a professional player myself, I believe that proper teaching involves walking through games with players and asking them why they do certain things wrong. It is important to remember that these mistakes can stem from lack of game knowledge, mechanical issues, poor champion fit, or mentality.

Another downside is that not all coaches are created equal. Whether you hire a professional or a novice, you should expect your coach to be knowledgeable in the game’s strategies and tactics. The best coaches are experienced and have years of experience in the game. In addition, they will have the knowledge and skills necessary to train your players well. And they will be able to explain the strategies and tactics to your players, which will help them become more proficient in the game.

Skills needed to be a good coach in League of Legends

A coach has many different responsibilities, but one of the most important is teaching. While they are not responsible for game mechanics, they must keep up with current meta in every region and be open to new ideas. One of the most important things a coach can do is be patient and understanding. Many coaches have been players once and now enjoy being a part of the League of Legends community by teaching others.

In League of Legends, a successful coach should have a strong knowledge of the game. They should understand the role meta, the champion pool, itemization trends, and summoner interactions. They should also know how to draft and take objectives. In short, they must be able to give their players the best advice possible. In addition, a good coach should also be able to communicate well with the players.